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Workbench Enterprise is a comprehensive solution that integrates data validation, SSIS monitoring and notification, documentation and object lineage to give you full control of your data management solutions.

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Pragmatic Workbench is a powerful application that leverages time-saving features of four best-selling Pragmatic Works products: BI xPress, DBA xPress, DOC xPress and LegiTest. With Workbench Enterprise, you get the power of Workbench PRO with the enterprise capabilities of Workbench Server in one all-encompassing solution.

Validate Data Results

Continuously validate data results across all your systems including databases, applications and web services.

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Auditing, Monitoring and Notifications for SSIS

Apply enterprise auditing frameworks to SSIS for real-time monitoring and historical performance trend analysis.

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Document and Identify Object Lineage and Impact

Instantly document SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Excel and Oracle and discover object lineage dependencies to understand how changes may impact the rest of the environment.

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Why Workbench Enterprise?

Workbench Enterprise integrates our popular Workbench PRO with Workbench Server to create a single comprehensive solution to significantly enhance any data management team’s capabilities.

Workbench Pro Benefits:

  • Setup Unit and Integration Testing for your Data-Centric Applications
  • Build Continuous Data Validation Tests for Your Production Results
  • Inject SSIS Packages with an Enterprise Auditing Framework
  • Create SSIS Package Notifications
  • Rapidly Develop SSIS Packages
  • Easily Generate Complete Documentation Sets
  • View Object Lineage Dependencies
  • Identify how Object Changes Impact of the Rest of the Environment
  • Setup and Deploy an Enterprise Data Dictionary

Workbench Server Benefits:

  • Generate Inventory of All Objects in Environment to Incorporate Tests
  • Identify, Diagnose and Remediate Failed Production Validation Test Results
  • Generate Notifications Based on Failed Tests or Data Validations
  • Monitor SSIS Execution and Performance in Real-Time
  • Historical Trend Report Dashboard for SSIS Execution Performance
  • View Generated Documentation Online
  • View Object Dependencies and Perform Impact Analysis
  • View and Edit Data Dictionary Information
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