October 2005 - Posts

The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed

Calling my web service like a do everyday fails with, “The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed.”

Check that our IIS Extensions for .wsdl have not been removed from your server! Read on if you want to hear about my experience.

My Project Server WorkFlow application was having some problems today, accessing the PDS WebService it uses as Project Server’s recommended API. I thought it might be useful to post what I found because it has happened to me numerous times and I keep forgetting!

There was some work done on our development server today and I was not made aware which is no big deal because it is development right? Well when I am trying to develop, I need to know so I do not work all day trying to figure out what I did wrong with my code. I call our Infostructure group in another state and ask if any changes have taken place and of course some changes have been made. Once we agreed that any database maintenance is not the issue we focus on what might have changed to IIS since the error is IIS based. Once I had heard that a tool was used to change the sites extensions I knew we had a contender.

Quick instructions :

  1. Open IIS
  2. Right click on your site and select properties
  3. Select the ‘Home Directory’ Tab
  4. On the bottom right, click the ‘Configuration’ button
  5. Click the add button
  6. Execute path for me was "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MSSOAP\BINARIES\SOAPIS30.DLL" but you can browse
  7. Extension is “.WSDL”
  8. Limit To "Get,Post"
  9. Check “Script Engine” and “Verify That File Exists”
  10. Click “OK” and it should work!


Brian and I have been invited to speak at SQL Connections 2006. These guys either saw or heard about our PASS Session on SQL Server Hacking/Prevention this year and invited us to Orlando with them this April. We keep building on our session with new material that you request us to demonstrate, so no doubt we will have some new exciting hacking techniques and solutions for preventing them.

2005 Summit CD-ROMs

Last September, Brian and I were invited back to speak at PASS 2005. We spoke in 2004 and did a great job demonstrating how databases are attacked by hackers and ways to prevent hacks. This year we were invited back for the Spotlight Session and therefore added some new hacking scenarios for the big event. Brian and I love interacting with the crowd. We had a packed session of 350+ attendees and getting them involved with our sessions is the best part. It makes the session more interesting and attendees are more relaxed with asking questions. The most important thing is that you can have your very own copy of our session and others that made the cut from PASS. There is a 2005 Summit CD ROM for sale, so get it while supplies last.

Wow, I have fallen into the marketing trap of that last phrase.

Hey, many thanks to Don Kiely for attending our session. Don, you have been a hero of mine for sometime on dealing with security. It was an honor to have you in my session!


My partners and I have vowed to start pushing our then pilot community MSBICentral full force and make it the "GOTO", place for Business Intelligence knowledge. Back at PASS 2005, Wayne, Brian and I spoke about what the future holds for MSBICentral and came to the conclusion that there were not enough BI Communities. We decided we should do more and make sure that are content is up to date and give examples of BI techniques for 2005. Please hold me accountable to this!

VSLive2005 Day 2 KeyNote - Richard Turner, Microsoft

Indigo was the focus and background of what WinFX brings to the future. For some background of WinFx, it composes of three things...

  • Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation(WCF)
  • Windows WorkFlow Foundation(WWF)

Indigo falls in the WCF model and is the new model for enterprise service communication. Indigo will take the place of ASMX, WSE, Remoting, etc. however it will remain compatible with Web Services. WSE v2.0 and Remoting will need to be upgraded to either WSE v3.0 or Indigo. Richard mentioned that three things went into designing Indigo.

  1. Productivity
    • Standard API(Unified Programming Model)
  2. Interoperability
    • Security
    • Reliable Messaging
  3. Investment Protection
    • Compatible with existing communication services


VSLive2005 Webpart Developement

Paul Sheriff of PDSA gave a great session on building Web Parts with VS2005. Seems that most everything that Sharepoint offers with web parts, VS2005 makes even easier. VS2005 architecture for basic Web Part development flows like this…

  • ASP.Net Web Page
    • Webpart Manger Control(Manages Web Parts)
      • Webpart Zone Control (These sit in Tables)
        • Webpart(Just drag and drop your controls or user-controls)
    • Editor Zone Control (allows customization of Web Parts)

Once I have had time to play, I will have more information posted on some realistic webpart examples. Also, there have been questions about web parts created in .Net 2.0 and how they will play with Sharepoint. I hear this will not be possible until Service Pack 2 for SharePoint. Check out Mike Fitzmaurice’s Blog. WSS will run .Net 2.0 Webparts but SPS will not even with SharePoint Service Pack 2.

VSLive 2005 Day 1 KeyNote -Bill Baker, Microsoft

I was wrong, Bill Baker passed out cool hats today. I thought he might do shirts like PASS but this time hats for SQL Server users since 1.0…

More importantly, Bill Baker of Microsoft brings Business Intelligence to VSLive by having Herain of Microsoft give some cool demos on building CLR User-defined Functions and debugging TSQL (“YES, debuggin TSQL”) within VS, showing off SSIS, Data Mining, and Reporting Services. I must say, the new Report Builder Tool that can load on user’s machines via “Click Once” is awesome. Users now have the power of formatting and building there on reports based on current reports and then loading them back to the RS Server. This is Big!!! Developers can then take these reports and embed them within web apps… Too Cool!!!

VSLive 2005 .NET Focus Day KeyNote

I wanted to get this out there yesterday, but I felt the need to hang with my wife and new daughter last night and therefore I am running a little late...

Yesterday BJ Holtgrewe of Microsoft started us off with some background info as to what considerations went into VSTS. Looks like architects, developers and "YES" testers and project managers have all been brought into the picture with VSTS. He also showed a dramatic cost comparison of $110K when bundling a number of addin services to VSTS when compared to some similar functionality services that IBM and "Other Java" technologies had to offer. Eric Lee of Microsoft then showed us how VSTS handles load testing, code testing, development tasks and bugs for development projects and how they are tracked within Foundation Server. Later in the day Erik showed how Project Pro could build project tasks that could then be saved in Foundation Server. My question is what role does Project Server play? Reading Microsoft’s Press, “VSTS”, it seems that Project Server is not in the loop.

Jay Schmelzer of Microsoft showed off how less code could be written in VS2005 when compared to VS2003. He built a windows blog reader with functionality of subscribing and reading RSS feeds. The new controls Jay used in VS2005 looked great (very “Outlookish”) and seemed extremely easy to wire up. He continued to show how easy it is now to use “Click Once” technology that compared to the simplicity of deploying ASP.Net applications. I tried this in VS2003 and it was a headache. Some say windows development is out the door because of web technology, but I would disagree after seeing “Click Once” and the ease it makes with deploying rich applications. Jay also demonstrated how refactoring is built in VS2005 when the IDE built a function automatically by identifying duplicated code.

VSLive 2005

Well it is off to Orlando, Florida tomorrow for VSLive 2005. I figured I would checkin my hotel room a day early and mentally prepare myself for all the wealth of new knowledge that Microsoft and 2005 brings. "Ahhh", the marriage of SQL Server and VS.net with CLR conducting the wedding. Nothing could be sweeter, or could it? Talking to some DBA's, you would think the honeymoon would be cut short. Seems that encouraging developers to build logic for even SProcs might be stepping on some toes. Every marriage has quarrels huh?

Looks like Bill Baker will be giving the keynote. He did a great job for the keynote at PASS 2005. Even passed out some cool SQL Server shirts. Also, Ken Gets is another regular this year. I first met Ken at the last VBits and have enjoyed going to his sessions ever since. I would attend Ken's session regardless. He always has good topics and for me it is almost a tradition.

This year I will be concentrating on new features of Web Parts, Reporting Services, ASP.Net and changes in .Net 2.0 Security. I will make sure I post regularly while at the conference to inform you of anything new. Also, if you have any questions that need some answering let me know. I will be happy to get answers while at the conference.