Saturday, October 08, 2005 - Posts

VSLive 2005

Well it is off to Orlando, Florida tomorrow for VSLive 2005. I figured I would checkin my hotel room a day early and mentally prepare myself for all the wealth of new knowledge that Microsoft and 2005 brings. "Ahhh", the marriage of SQL Server and with CLR conducting the wedding. Nothing could be sweeter, or could it? Talking to some DBA's, you would think the honeymoon would be cut short. Seems that encouraging developers to build logic for even SProcs might be stepping on some toes. Every marriage has quarrels huh?

Looks like Bill Baker will be giving the keynote. He did a great job for the keynote at PASS 2005. Even passed out some cool SQL Server shirts. Also, Ken Gets is another regular this year. I first met Ken at the last VBits and have enjoyed going to his sessions ever since. I would attend Ken's session regardless. He always has good topics and for me it is almost a tradition.

This year I will be concentrating on new features of Web Parts, Reporting Services, ASP.Net and changes in .Net 2.0 Security. I will make sure I post regularly while at the conference to inform you of anything new. Also, if you have any questions that need some answering let me know. I will be happy to get answers while at the conference.