March 2006 - Posts

Orlando Code Camp 2006

Brian and I had a great time in Orlando at the code camp held last Saturday. There were around 300 participants and the Orlando user group did a great job planning and hosting the event. We got to see some good friends and speakers that we have not seen in awhile. Brian and I did a session on hacking using Sql Injection and how to protect applications from attacks. We had a great turn out in our session with a ton of great questions. This presentation for Orlando is the watered down version that we will be doing at SQL Connections next week! I also presented a session on WF. This time I changed it up by building a custom workflow and host from scratch. I did this thinking that the developers would appreciate more visual coding, however I think next time I will use snippets to build things faster and to show off more functionality of WF. I had some previously built workflows that I asked the crowd if they would want to see pushing my session a little over the time limit.

Orlando Code Camp 2006 Rocked!

Delay and Listen Activty For WF

There have been some questions about the article I wrote for MSBICentral that demonstrates how to use the HandleExternalEvent, IfElse and CallExternalMethod Activities. My article has the workflow managing the decision to hire someone based on a condition and without human intervention(i.e managers approval). I decided to create another example that shows how to wire up a Listen Activity if a managers approval was required. I have uploaded the example to MSBICentral called "Delay and Listen Activity Example", and it can be found in the Downloads Section, "Workflow Foundation Examples". I have a couple of speaking events I am trying to prepare for, and when I get some free time I will upload another example on MSBICentral that shows a basic manager approval workflow.

Note: MSBICentral requires a free user account to view its content, but hey...SQLServerCentral does too:)

Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 Available

There is a new WF Extensions beta that has been made available for download here. The new extensions fix the following issues noted from the above link.

  • Showing of interface types that are nested while trying to select interfaces
  • Being able to select overloaded methods within the "CallExternalMethodActivity"
  • Showing of interface types that are nested while trying to select interfaces.
  • Being able to run more than one workflow within the same VS Project.
  • Error notification when trying to detach the debugger from a process.

Checkout the requirements before trying to install!

WF Activities Part I – Practical Use of HandleExternalEvent, IfElse And CallExternalMethod Activities

I have loaded a new article/lab out on MSBICentral demonstrates how to use out of the box activities that come with WF. I start by showing you how to build a workflow that will handle an interviewing process. The process is somewhat simplified because the person is only hired if they live in a certain zip code range, however the example does a good job of showing how to wire up each of the activities discussed to make the selection. To do this as a lab you will need the following solution files, WFActivities Part I Host Example and WF Activities Part I Interview Bus Obj