August 2006 - Posts

Building Custom Activity Validation

Last Saturday at the Jax Code Camp,I gave a session on building custom workflow activities. During the last part of the session, I was having some trouble compiling my activity which was supposed to show how to validate custom properties. I thought I had everything working the night before, but I changed something at the last minute.  Here is what I did...

  1. Declared my dependency properties
  2. Declared my actual properties
  3. Built my class that extends ComponentModel.Compiler.ActivityValidator

My three properties were simple ones... FirstName, LastName and Age, however I wanted to show what happens at design time if data is either forgotten or invalid. Somehow I had removed the PropertyMetaData parameters to the dependancy properties. My validator class was then trying to validate that I had a first/last name and that the age property was not

Finding Possible State Events

If you look in the latest Framework 3.0 SDK, there is an example called 'OrderingStateMachine'. It does a great job of showing how to get possible state events within a current state, by loading a ReadOnlyCollection, type 'WorkflowQueueInfo' with Queued Data and then looping through the collection to pull out the queued method names.

I was talking with Jon Flanders, and we got on this subject awhile back about looping through the actual activity collections, and therefore I wanted to post how to do that to also get possible state events from a current state. Although looping through the activity collection takes some extra work, there is additional information available via the activities properties by doing this.

Learn About WF At Jacksonville's Code Camp, August 26, 2006

Jacksonville's Code Camp is finally here! Being a native of Jacksonville, I must say that this one is my favorite code camp of the year. Instead of having to drive across Florida and stay in cheap hotels, I get to wake up in my own bed and drive just a few miles to the event. During this code camp I promoting WF by giving two sessions, Getting To Know Windows Workflow and Building Custom Workflow Activities. If you happen to be in the area and you are are a geek like me, give up your Saturday by registering for this FREE event and geeking out!

First Trip To Redmond, Washington

It has taken 33 years, but I can now say that I have been to the west coast! I recently had the opportunity to visit perhaps one of the most beautiful States in America. Not to mention the kind people that live there too. I arrived there 08/02/2006 around 2:30 a.m, and a buddy picked me up at 5:30 a.m. for some early morning wake boarding to help prepare me for my busy business day:) Now being from Florida, the early morning temperature was a bit chilly, even for early August. Since I had never been wake boarding before, I was challenged with name calling to be the first one in the chilly lake. Even though it was cold, I was able to get up a couple of times though.

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One of the guys wake boarding decided to hit this head on. He was able to walk away:)
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