March 2007 - Posts

InvokeWorkflow Activity Bug? No... Not a Bug!

Before I started writing this post, I started searching around to see if anyone else thought there might be an issue when using the InvokeWorkflow Activity. Last Saturday, I did a session on "Understanding WF Activities" and I too was having some trouble with the activity. It was not until last night when I got a chance to re-visit my demo that suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks.

To set the stage, some of my demos are canned however I take great pleasure in coming up with demos on the fly. During a demo of the Parallel Activity, I thought it might be nice for one of the branches to invoke another workflow while the other branch just wrote to a file using a Code Activity. I had placed a Delay Activity in the workflow that was to be invoked, to show that the workflow that invoked the other workflow could finish before the invoked workflow...Did I loose you? So Workflow 1 invokes Workflow 2 within a Parallel Activity's branch. Workflow 2 has a 10 second delay to model some type of processing. Workflow 1 finishes and so I wait for Workflow 2 to finish too. And I wait…..and wait…. and wait and wait and wait!

What I didn’t notice was that I was using the Console Sequential Workflow Project, and that was my demise. Well not really…except before I had created my own custom host when playing with InvokeWorkflow Activity, so when I used the out-of-box console host, I did not realize that the runtime host was being killed, thus killing my invoked workflow. The lesson here? Make sure there is a runtime host running for invoked workflows to home to!

Understanding WF Activities

I just got an email from the Orlando's .Net user group, that this month's Florida codecamp in Orlando just approved my additional session, "Understanding WF Activities"! The session will explore the majority of the activities that comes with WF. The sessions also got boosted up to an hour so I might be able to hit on how to build custom activities too! If you are in the area, March 24, 2007, come check it out. Register Here

Book Editing Complete!

After 3 long months of writing, I am now finished with editing my contribution to a new SSIS book that will be made available soon! This was my first time writing for a book and luckily I had my buddy Brian Knight to guide me. That joker writes all the time...I am not sure how he does it, but now that I have been bitten by the bug too, I am ready to write more... Hope my wife does not read this!