July 2007 - Posts

Jacksonville Code Camp Call For Speakers

The Jacksonville Code Camp has just opened it's invitation for speakers. It will be held Saturday, August 25th, 2007 so if you have a technology that you're excited about and you want to share with others come join us. If you have never spoken before and want to give it a try...no worries, this is where you can learn the skills for being a good speaker.

This code camp is particularly special to me since it is hosted in my hometown of Jacksonville, Fl. Last year we had a pretty good turn out, and this year we plan to make it even better so if you are in the area, please plan on attending and learning about Microsoft technology. I just submitted two WF sessions that have some great demos I crafted that show how to get started using WF, and some that show off some of the really cool features of WF, including WF in MOSS.

Looking Back at Tampa Code Camp 2007

Once again another successful code camp for the books. Tampa did a great job representing .Net geeks last Saturday and I enjoyed meeting a lot of the attendees and fellow speakers! 300-400 attendees showed up to see sessions on some of the latest technology Microsoft has to offer for software developers. I am always amazed at the new stuff that seems to come out every month!

I wound up only doing on two sessions. My first session was at 10:50. I think I counted around 30 attendees who watched Brian Knight and I battled it out on how to hack and secure Sql Server and applications that it hosts. Brian and I were actually thinking about putting this session to bed, because of the many times we have done it, however we get such a good response, we think we might keep it around a little longer.

My second session, "What To Know about Windows Workflow" was packed too. I probably counted around 50+ attendees hungry for workflow. I told the attendees that the session could be interactive, which I think made for a better session. It also gave me an idea of the level of demos I should do.

Well it is Jacksonville's Code Camp next. I am partial to Jax's since it is my home town! If it is anything like it was last year, you will want to be there!