August 2007 - Posts

Modifying Workflows At Runtime

Jax Code Camp came and went but not without getting a group of people excited about WF. I received some positive feedback by breaking up my WF sessions to "Intro" and "More Advanced" WF topics. One major topic that everybody was interested in discussing was modifying workflows during runtime. I think there was some confusion so I wanted to post more information about modifying workflows. Well not really the workflow but workflow instances.

  1. Modifying WF instances can be done when the workflow is either
    • Suspended
    • Idle
  2. WF instances can be modified either
    • The Instance it's self
    • WF Host
  3. WF instances that are modified are the ONLY instances affected with the changes.

Jax Architects SIG's First Meeting

We are starting back up the meetings for Jax Architects tomorrow, 6-8, and of course our kick off meeting will discuss architecting solutions using WF. If you are in the area feel free to join us. The meeting will be held on the second floor, Conference Room A. Click here for directions.


I found an interesting article that talks about the relationship of BPM and SOA. Reading this article you start to get a clearer picture as to why Microsoft's Connected Framework Team has already started combining the two with WCF and WF.

This Saturday, at code camp one of my sessions, "What to know about WF" will venture into this topic. Register now if you are in the area!