September 2007 - Posts

Russ Fustino's Tool Shed Tour Comes To Jax Fl.

Our local special interest group, JaxArchitects along with Idea Integration, are hosting a mid day event called "It's All About The Tools" October 5, 2007 in Jacksonville, Fl., downtown at the Modis Building.

It's All About The Tools – (It's AATT) Episode One! Did you ever feel inundated with developer tools? Did you ever feel you are missing something that could make your life easier as a developer and as a power user? There are so many tools available to choose from and it keeps getting tougher to keep up with. Tool familiarity continues to be one of the top developer challenges. This series of seminars is all about tools for developers, by developers. Join Microsoft Florida Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino he brings you demos and discussion about favorite developer tools. Attend this session and see tools including but not limited to: Fiddler, Web Stress tool, IE Developer Toolbar, Visual Studio IDE Tools, Live Services, and Community tool web sites. There's something here for everyone, from beginners to experts. Don’t miss this event. It’s where “It’s AATT”!

Click here to register!

Debugging ASP.Net with IIS7.0

For the past year I have been developing on VPC images running Server 2003, so finally I decided to "cowboy up" and start using my Vista machine. I really dig some of the new features in IIS 7, like being able to edit web.config connection strings for sites, however I was having trouble debugging my web application. I kept getting "An authentication error occurred while communicating with the web server". That is when I came across Scott Gu's blog which talked about the KB article here. Hope this saves somone some time!

Jax Architects - Architecting Solutions Based on Customer Requirements

Our local Architecture SIG will be meeting, September 27, 2007 to discuss how user requirements are turned into solutions. This meeting will be a roundtable discussion focusing on strategies of how architects build architecture designs based on customer requirements. A brief presentation will kick off the meeting to discuss common patterns and practices, and then the discussion will be opened up to discuss other methodologies.

This will be a great opportunity to help others answer questions of how the process is done, or if you already have a process, but want to learn more about what steps other successful companies take do to architect solutions. Register here to attend!

Got Speech Needs WF Activities

While checking out my local community, I came across my buddy Marshall Harrison's post. He is in need of...not money, not food, but something even more important...Custom WF activities for Speech Server, for the love of the community! Well Marshall, I am here to let you know that I am in. If you are also interested in getting involved, contact Marshall. Have .Net 3.0, will travel!