October 2007 - Posts

Microsoft Sponsors 'Jax Architects' Meeting

This month's meeting will be sponsored by Microsoft with Tom Mazur giving a brief presentation on security for web services and Jeff Barnes(MS) speaking on a topic(TBA) for the rest of the meeting. There will be plenty of pizza and good times so plan to come if you are in the Jacksonville, Fl. area October 25, 2007.

Our meetings are held downtown, in The Modis building, Meeting Room 'A' on the second floor.

Click here to register and for directions!

Jax Architects Hosts .Net Tiki Hut

Idea Integration and our local Architect SIG, Jax Architects are hosting one of the best roadshows Microsoft has to offer. Yeah, thats right... The .Net Tiki hut, featuring Jeff Barnes and Joe Healy will dance their sweet hula skirts to the sound of SilverLight in Jacksonville Florida, at the Modis Building's Auditorium.

Don't miss this event if you are in the Jax. Fl. area, November 13, 2007. Click here to register.

WF's Rules Engine

Recently I have been hit with many questions concerning WF's Rules Engine. I found an old but great article which goes into great detail of how it all works.

Stay tuned for some additional posts I will be writing concerning ways to implement WF rules within applications.