June 2008 - Posts

Speaking At PASS 2008 In Seattle

I just got back word from my buddy Brian, that we were invited back to PASS. This will be my forth year speaking at this conference and even though Brian and I keep the same title of our session, "Hacking SqlServer" every year is diffrent due to new threats and technologies. This means that we are continually implementing new tactics and technologies within our demos to help form opinions within our audiances if certain practices are safe or not. This year I will probably put LINQ to the test for our hacking dual demo and Brian may flash some new features of SQLServer 2008.

Generic "HasValue" And Policy Activity Gotcha

Recently I noticed this error, Cannot evaluate property "HasValue" because its target object is null. I did not get it at compilation of my workflow project, but running a workflow application. I use generic data types whenever possible, and I use the "HasValue" property as well, so when I started getting this error I was not sure where to start looking. Fortunately, this error means exactly what it says and since I cannot debug to the point where it occurs it probably means it is happening within a WF rule or condition.

Normally if you have code that looks like if(NewPerson.IsMarried.HasValue && NewPerson.IsMarried.Value == true) it will process fine, however if you use generic data types regularly like me within policy activities you will come across the same error message like above. Fortunately, the way around this issue is to simply use the null condition so that your policy's business rules look similiar to this... if(NewPerson.IsMarried!=null && NewPerson.IsMarried.Value == true)

Jacksonville .Net Code Camp 2008, Suggest A Topic!

The official site for Jacksonville's 2008 Code Camp is up! The actual event is scheduled for August 23, 2008. Check out the site and add suggestions of topics that you are interested in learning more about.

Jacksonville,Fl. Architects SIG Meets June 24, 2008

Well, I hope everyone is starting to enjoy the warm weather and the feeling of summer, which reminds me… this summer’s first meeting is scheduled June 24, 2008. This meeting will be a little different than any we have had in the past. The plan is to get our group to participate and learn by helping others within the community. I will start off the meeting with some basic architectural concerns/issues that are common within most IT shops, and hopefully this will break the ground for other participants to share their experience and expertise within certain areas.

Please plan on attending this meeting if possible. I would like to have as many participants as possible to cover different topic areas.

Register here

Orlando, Fl. Microsoft Community Summit Recap

Many thanks to Joe Healy and crew for organizing the community summit we had last weekend. I came down to Orlando, Fl. last Saturday, not sure what to expect, however when I saw the facilities and attendees, I knew that this was going to be a fun weekend. To recap...We were able to use the civic center for the weekend in between the first and second weeks of Teched. It almost felt like we were speaking at Teched, minus a few thousand attendees. However our MS TE's and community leaders did an outstanding job of organizing the event.

Saturday night we had a geek social where our very own Eugene Chuvyrov spun the dance hits. He did a great job of DJing the party and getting things rolling throughout the night. There were some cool games played for play money to buy an XBox 360.

My talk was last Sunday morning at 9 a.m.(probably one of the earliest times I have ever spoke), and I think I pulled around 100 attendees. I did a 1.5 hour presentation on WF, setting the foundation on what to expect for later presentations that followed for 3.0/3.5 services.

Based on some of the feedback I received from speaking, my next couple of blog postings will be focused on answering the questions that were gathered from my session.