July 2008 - Posts

Jacksonville Florida's Code Camp Is August 23, 2008

This will be our 4th code camp and this one is extra special because not only will I be speaking at it, other MVP's, local community leaders decided to help sponsor it. Honestly I cannot say I would be where I am today without codecamps, so it feels good to give back to the community not only with knowledge but with a little bit of money too.

My session this year is titled, "Why Workflow Foundation?". I hear from other .Net developers all the time about how WF functionality can be simulated simply by writing .Net code. Well yeah, and I guess I could write my own database interfacing framework as well to simulate ADO.Net! Others seem to think that the learning curve of WF is just too steep. This session will address these questions as well as give a good understanding of how to use WF as a framework.

So if you are not too far, and even if you are, this is going to be a great free event! The main reason this event is going to be good, is because of the effort community leaders are putting into it. Come by and check us out here in the top corner of Florida. Register here

"Live Mesh and Other Clouds"...Jacksonville Arch SIG Meets July 22, 2008

Our Arch SIG is meeting tomorrow and the topic is “Live Mesh and Other Clouds”. If you have been reading magazines like Visual Studio and MSDN, you might have read about SSDS(SQL Server Data Services) which is a new concept coming over the horizon. Check out Eugene Chuvyrov as he gives us an overview of this technology concept!

For directions and to register, click here