posted on Saturday, December 24, 2005 1:05 AM by bknight

Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Book Available


Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration ServicesIn mid-January, my new book comes out called Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services from Wrox. You can pre-order it today on or go to Amazon to get the better price :). This book will help you get past the initial learning curve quickly so that you can get started using SSIS to transform data, create a workflow, or maintain your SQL Server. Offering you hands-on guidance, you'll learn a new world of integration possibilities and be able to move away from scripting complex logic to programming tasks using a full-featured language.

What you will learn from this book

  • Ways to quickly move and transform data
  • How to configure every aspect of SSIS
  • How to interface SSIS with web services and XML
  • Techniques to scale the SSIS and make it more reliable
  • How to migrate DTS packages to SSIS
  • How to create your own custom tasks and user interfaces
  • How to create an application that interfaces with SSIS to manage the environment
  • A detailed usable case study for a complete ETL solution

-- Brian Knight