February 2006 - Posts

Microsoft Feels Your Pain

Wow, this video is hilarious. This was made by Microsoft UK and shows a number of developers getting zapped anytime a bug is tracked back to them. It's a bit of a geek must-watch.

Video link here.

-- Brian Knight

4 day class on SSIS and SSAS

I've been slowly writing over the past few weeks because I'm writing an upcoming class on Feb 20-23rd on SSIS and SSAS in Jacksonville. The class will be an ongoing class that will be given but its normal price will be more than two times what we’re offering it for on these 4 days. For this class, you can attend all four days for $984. I’m writing the material and giving the class myself and have attached the outline below to give you an idea of what we’ll be covering. There are a total of 16 seats in the class so it should be a great environment for you to get your fill.   

Attendees will receive two books (one that I’m quite partial to): 

Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 : And Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform


Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services


If you’re interested, please register fairly quickly since it’s about 1/4 full already. To register or for more information, please call or email Amanda Napolitano (see contact info in the below flyer):

-- Brian Knight

Pointing to a File or DestinationTable that Does Not Exist in SSIS

Of course this may seem simple to a lot of you but I keep seeing this question so I thought I'd post it for the Google monster to help others. When you open the Bulk Insert Task for example, the DestinationTable is a drop-down box. This is fine except in the scenario where you must point to a table that was created in an earlier step of the control flow. To do this, just leave the DestinationTable property blank after configuring the rest of the task. Click OK and you'll notice a red icon on the task where it looks like it has an error due to lack of configuration. Select the task and go to the Properties pane. Now, you can set the DestinationTable property through the pane by typing in the table that will be created in the future. After you set that property in the pane, the red icon disappears and you're ready to roll.

This works for almost any property with almost any task or connection.

-- Brian Knight