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New SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS Classes Available

Wow, I've broken the number one blog rule. I've been busily writing these three BI classes, that I haven't had time to eat, much less blog. My apologies! Well back from the long lull, the classes are now complete and will be given in Jacksonville (Jax) and other cities around the country soon. Here's the upcoming schedule. Each topic is two days in total and the combo makes 4 days. After giving the SSIS class a number of times, we're expanding it to give you more hands-on topics so when you leave the class, you will truely know how to implement solutions.

Designing and Implementing SSIS Solutions  - July 18th - 21st in Jacksonville
Designing and Implementing SSIS Solutions - July 24th-27th in Orlando
Designing and Implementing SSIS Solutions - Oct 2-5, 2006 in Orlando

--- End Series 1 ----

SSIS / SSAS August 22nd - 25th in Jax
SSIS / SSRS Sept 19th - 22nd in Jax
SSAS / SSRS Oct 24 - 27th in Jax

Email for any of these three above classes.
--- End Series 2 ----


Price: The classes run  $2,200 for 4 days.

-- Brian Knight



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Monday, July 17, 2006 7:16 AM by kevin
anything in NYC?